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Norman Lewis: Police Beating

Syncopated Ladies (FEATURED HuffPost Arts & Culture)

Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami

The Bullpen-Repeat Offenders Welcomed

The Gospel According to Andre

Investing in Black Art



Ageless Innovators: Market Disruptors Over 60

High Tech Networking

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility

Chicago Innovation Awards (FEATURED HuffPost Entrepreneurship)

Naming a Minor Child as a Beneficiary

Long-Term Care Insurance


Smart Funny & Black

Evolution of a Queen-Hail Beyonce

Sipping Beyonce’s Lemonade (FEATURED front page of HuffPost)

Sisterhood:The Women Behind Hip-Hop Labels

Reclaiming Black Love

In Defense of Andre Leon Talley & Michael Jordan

Reclaiming Black Sisterhood

Reclaiming Black Brotherhood

Church in Quarantine: Jill Scott & Erykah Badu

420 Playlist-Get High

Mother’s Day Playlist-Make it Funky


Experiential & Entrepreneurial Learning

Rahm Emanuel & Arne Duncan’s CPS Problem

Yale & Mizzou (FEATURED HuffPost College)

How Not to Make Friends at Work (FEATURED HuffPost College)

Preparing Girls to Succeed in STEM

Advice for College Freshmen

Tips for College Graduates


André Leon Talley: Reigning Men

André Leon Talley Presents: Fluid Fashion ’18 – Gender Fluidity

Saint Louis Fashion Incubator

An Evening with André Leon Talley

Mujus (FEATURED HuffPost Style)

Nubian Skin (FEATURED HuffPost Style)

Style Above the Rim (FEATURED HuffPost Style)


Rise of the Modern Southern Belle

Feminism and Black Women


Cinco de Mayo with Tres Agaves Tequila

HH Bespoke Spirits

Eli’s Cheesecake: People Driven Mission Focused

Cocktails for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Taste of Innovation New Frontiers in Food

Currency Exchange Cafe

Vegan Diet: Blueprint to a Healthy Lifestyle


Postpartum Depression & Women of Color

Fertility & Black Women

Anarcha Lucy Betsy: Genocide of Black Women

Grieving 10 Years Later

When Death & Grief Return for a Repeat Visit

Learning to Enjoy the Moment

Dream Chaser’s Guide to The Alchemist (FEATURED HuffPost GPS for the Soul)

Hands on Your Breast: Cancer Awareness

Autism & the Black Community

Surviving a Sexual Predator

Power of a Kind Word


White Feminists & LGBTQ: Time to Pull Up


The Flag & Black Veterans

White Nationalism in the Military

Trump’s Policies Undermines Military Strength


Anti-Racism: What Would Peter Norman Do?

Understanding Over-Policing & Defunding the Police

George Floyd, Protests & America

History Lessons: 1918, 1940, 1960

Artificial Intelligence & Scientific Racism

Trump’s Twitter Plague

Hillary’s SuperPredator Comments Matter (FEATURED front page of HuffPost)

In Fear We Trust

Minneapolis: The New Selma

Where’s Margaret Chase Smith’s Republican Party

In Spite of Dr. King’s Dream, We Haven’t Reached the Mountaintop (FEATURED HuffPost Black Voices)

Refugee Crisis: Be in Their Shoes

Millennials – Disrupt the Political Landscape

Western Countries Push Towards Nationalism Bolsters Russia

America: Racism & White Privilege

American Fascism: Trumpism

Trumpism: First They Came For

50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Assassination

H&M: N Word, Boy & Monkey Never Appropriate


My Brother’s Keeper

Mom Stoops to Conquer

Fathers as Standard Bearers

Woman Love Yourself

Superwoman Has Left the Building

A Father’s Love Letter to His Son

Wedding Elegance

Bridal Checklist: Prenup Agreement


Christian Apathy: All Lives Matter

The Resurrection According to SciFi: Part 1 Avatar

The Resurrection According to SciFi: Part 2 Star Wars & the Matrix

The Resurrection According to SciFi: Part 3 Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter


Brighton: Haven for Creatives

Christmas in Chicago

Memphis: Bring Your Soul & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Marriott Marquis Chicago: Local Centric Global Reach

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