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My passion is making sure first generation/urban youth thrive, survive, and graduate from college. Even when financial aid is not an issue, retention rates are dismal. “Unless we move with urgency, today’s young people will be the first generation in American history to be less educated than their predecessors.” 

From 2006-2010, what startd as a bowling trip with my teenage nephews lead to their friends asking me to lead their youth group. The youth group meet twice a week. We discussed everything: faith, college, careers, sex. I quickly realized talking was not sufficient. I added trips to college fairs, mock interviews, resume preparation and review, summer job listings, scholarship applications, and exploring trade careers. Because the group met and started around a social activity, fun and socializing was the core of every event, regardless how serious. That led to summer and fall retreats for team building, high ropes adventures, and weekend getaways to experience life outside the inner city. Those teens inspired me, re-ignited my passion for teaching, and helped birth in me a concept methodology to combat the retention and graduation problem, especially among first generation college students.

My teens are now college graduates, rising in the ranks of our military to fund their college educations, and well rounded individuals. Like a proud parent, I gush when I hear of where they are and what they are doing.